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Learn more about Orphan Justice from key leaders in the orphan community. You can find these interviews under the “Going Deeper” section of each chapter.

Johnny Carr

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What they say

  • Many of us have a desire to help orphans but we don’t know where to start. Orphan Justice gives the VISION we need to understand how we, as the church, can be a part of the solution to the orphan care crisis. There’s a role for everyone to play.

    Orphan Justice explores the big picture of what orphan care can and should look like. Not all of us are called to the same ministry, but all of us must do something. This book is eye-opening and important, a call to action written with incredible grace. It’s a must-read for the Church and for all people wanting to do ‘orphan care’ well and responsibly.

  • Orphan Justice is potent. You’ll find yourself alternately arguing, celebrating and mourning with Johnny Carr. It is a venture deep into both the costliness and beauty that come with every expression of love for orphans, from the lifelong journey beyond an adoption to mentoring, impassioned advocacy and global service.

    Are you considering adoption? Read this book! Perhaps adoption isn’t for you—read this book anyway! There are many different ways you can and should be involved in the important work of orphan care worldwide. Orphan Justice will equip you to embrace God’s call to “look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

  • If you’re seeking a book to make you feel good about yourself, try the self-help section. But if you’re looking for a personal, provocative, and sometimes raw challenge to see the world in fresh ways, Orphan Justice is a must read. Using gripping stories and surprising scriptures, Johnny Carr shakes readers from their slumber and alerts them to a global crisis begging for our attention. Warning: Do not read this book unless you’re prepared to be changed!


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